Whevener I’m in a mall to pullout or do errands, I usually dine in restaurants that I haven’t tried or haven’t dined for years. Wham! Burgers has been my favorite hang out place when I was in college because aside from their good food, the place is homey, perfect for barkada hangouts.

Wham Burger SM North

When I saw Wham! Burgers at SM North, I was surprised that they started rebranding and changed their look. One of the changes is its name, as it’s now called Wham! Burgers & Sausages – yes, you read it right, they now have sausages.

Wham 2

Wham 3

Being known for its dainty burgers, Wham! Burgers & Sausages now offers a variety of foods and drinks that were all improved and made with quality. Together with its upgraded menu, Wham! Burgers & Sausages has also revamped its overall look into a modernized interior, which will surely encourage fun and longer stories to be shared between friends and family, while drinking some of Wham’s top quality selections of both local and imported beers: San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light or Super Dry and Holland brand, Bavaria.

Wham 4

Wham 5

Whamer Burger josephcham.com

While its burgers with endearingly huge patty and signature smoky flavor remains the star in every creation, the new Wham Burgers and Sausages outlet is classy and classic combined, where all burger creations are delicately served on chopping boards. The buns get an upgrade too, as its now using an artisan brioche bun with 30% butter which kicks up its almost cake like taste. Certified premium and freshly baked, the texture is tight  and heavy on soft crumbs which makes each bite consistently pleasurable.

Whammer Burger

Whammer Burger (259php) | It has one-third pound pure beef patties at 80% lean and 20% fat that comes with bacon, lettuce, cheese and deep fried onion strings, plus Wham’s burger patties that are gently seasoned only with natural flavor enhancers such as salt and black pepper.

Kielbasa Wham Burger

Kielbasa (168php)| It is a polish smoked sausage of coarsely chopped beef and pork, flavored with garlic and spices. Its taste is perfect to match with beer since its flavor balances the beer’s taste of bitterness. Also, it is not that flavorful to cause any conflict between its taste and beer’s.

Wham Spaghetti Fries

Spaghetti Fries (139php) | This one if my favorite! The combination of the Skin-on Fries and Spaghetti sauce is perfect because the Skin-on Fries balances the sweetness and tastiness of the sauce and cheese.

Potato Wedges Wham Burger

Potato Wedges (90php)

Wham Pepper Poppers 2

Wham Pepper Poppers

Pepper Poppers (98php) | Inside of it is a mixed of cheese and chopped Jalapeño that complements well with each of its taste. It’s like a different/improved version of Dynamite Cheesticks.

Wham Red Iced Tea

Wham Burgers is located at three branches: Katipunan, SM North Edsa (The Block), and Mall of Asia. For more information, visit www.whamburgers.com or like Wham! Burger on Facebook and/or follow @WhamBurgersPH on Twitter and Instagram.