Joseph Cham Warbler 3

What I’m wearing: Fledge button down shirt | The SM Store jeans | Russ boots | Galaxy watch

Joseph Cham Warbler

We’re getting closer to one of the busiest yet fun occasions of the year, holiday season. Christmas shopping and event planning are some of the things that we usually expect few months before this celebration. So while most of you are already listing some gift ideas for your friends, relatives and loved ones, I’m cooking up something big for this holiday season, which gives me a lot of butterflies in my stomach! Getting curious? Just wait and see! *wink

Joseph Cham Warbler 2

And speaking of Christmas shopping, do you know that the Bloggers United 8 is going to happen this December 7? Well, it’s time to mark your calendars!

Joseph Cham Fledge Clothing

Shirt from Fledge Clothing

Joseph Cham Galaxy watch

Joseph Cham Russ

Boots from Russ

Photos by Trice Nagusara