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I once had a crush on a girl 9 years younger than me. She was only 15 when my little sister, Janine, introduced her to me, and I wouldn’t want to be labelled as a ‘cradle snatcher’ so we just had some sensible conversation and we only talked online. Who would have thought that this girl is now my girlfriend?

I had relationships before that didn’t work out and I admit that I was childish and immature. I’m so glad that I can finally say that I found ‘the one’. Knowing that someone is right for you is not just based on who gives you butterflies in your stomach, but someone who can make you a better person.

Last week, Trice and I watched “That Thing Called Tadhana” and I remember that I used to cry to that type of movie. Maybe I’m just too happy right now that I don’t get affected to hugot lines unlike before. I thank God that I found someone who understands me and who loves me unconditionally.

There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Here is the winner of Php5,000 worth of GCs from Girbaud:

One day, a complete stranger sent me a message on Friendster (so ancient!) saying he had no other intentions but to just be friends. Of course, I checked his profile first. He seemed okay, actually kind of cute (ala John Lloyd Cruz) so fine! Then after two weeks, we met since our universities are just in front of the other. The rest is history, rather a “one more chance” kind of love story. After 3 years of being together, for some reasons, we broke up. I went to Australia and he had a new gf. Then after a year, one familiar instance happened again, this time a message on Facebook. To cut it short, we got back together, now happily married with one precious daughter. Yes, these things actually happen in real life! @sephcham #SephChamGiveaway

A photo posted by Cee M (@mymomcee) on Feb 24, 2015 at 2:20am PST

Congrats, Carlamae Silvestre-Dayrit! Kindly Email me on how to claim your prize! 🙂