After a tiring day of errands, I usually reward myself by grabbing my favorite drink at Tokyo Bubble Tea – Matcha Milo Milk Tea!

I love Milo since childhood and every time I go to grocery, Milo is always in my grocery list. But there’s something about Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Milo Series that makes me want to go back every time I have a chance.

Tokyo Bubble Tea has three variants for their Milo Series: JCC Milo Milk tea, Matcha Milo Milk Tea and Almond Milo Milk Tea.

Tokyo Bubble Tea 3 blog

JCC (Japanese Cheesecake Cream) Milo Milk Tea (M-155 L-165) is so addicting! You’ll definitely crave for this drink once you’ve tried this – don’t blame me if you get addicted because I’ve warned you!

Matcha Milo Milk Tea (M-145 L-155) is my favorite! If you want a great twist to your favorite childhood drink, you’ll love this as much as I do.

Almond Milo Milk Tea (M-145 L-155) is perfect for those who love Almond.

Tokyo Bubble Tea 4 blog

Tokyo Bubble Tea doesn’t only serve delicious drinks; they have Korean Bibimbap (285php) that beats some of the Korean Restaurants in the metro. You don’t have to add Bibimbap sauce because it’s already flavorful.

Tokyo Bubble Tea 5 blog

Apple Glazed Grilled Porkchop (225php) is also good. The apple sauce is savory.

Tokyo Bubble Tea 7 blog

Tokyo Bubble Tea 6 blog

These are some of my iPhone photos when I went back for another drink. Told you I am already addicted to each one of them!

Tokyo Bubble Tea 8 blog

The Bulgogi Nachos (245php) is served with spicy mayo, onion, tomato and carrot strips. If you’re tired of the traditional Nachos, I’m sure you’ll love this!

Whenever I go to Tokyo Bubble Tea to stay for work, I order this along with my favorite Milo drink.

Tokyo Bubble Tea 10 blog

Salmon Sashimi (160php)

Tokyo Bubble Tea 11 blog

Beef Bulgogi (325php) | Sliced beef marinated in Korean sauce w/ zucchini on Korean hot stone.

Tokyo Bubble Tea 9 blog

Chicken Teriyaki Doria (238php) | Grilled boneless chicken topped on baked rice with special cheese.

Tokyo Bubble Tea 12 blog

Tokyo Bubble Tea 13 blog

Just a proof that Matcha Milk Milk Tea is my favorite. It’s up to you if you want to mix the Milo powder on top with the drink or if you want to enjoy the powder like a child!

Milo Series poster

And since I want you to try and enjoy the Milo Series, I’m giving away 300php worth of Tokyo Bubble Tea GCs to THREE (3) lucky winners.

Here’s how:

1. Like the Tokyo Bubble Tea Facebook page (

2. Like on Facebook and follow @sephcham on Twitter and Instagram

3. Take a picture with your favorite Tokyo Bubble Tea Milo Milk Tea drink and post it on your Facebook.

4. Post should be captioned with what food you usually pair your drink with and why it’s your favorite. (e.g. I love to pair my favorite JCC Milo Milk Tea with Bulgogi Nachos because it balances the sweetness of Milo and the hotness of Nachos.)

5. Tag Tokyo Bubble Tea FB page and use the hashtag #iwantmybubbles, #MiloMilkTea and #TBTxSephCham

PS. Make sure your post is set to public, so that we can verify it.

I will announce the winner on October 25! Good luck! 🙂