When my father was diagnosed of stage IV liver cancer, we where surprised because he didn’t have any vices at all. The doctor told us that it was probably because of the food since my father loved canned goods and street food. Because of what happened, it became an eye opener for us to avoid junk food and opt for healthier food choices.

I did a little research on how to avoid and prevent liver cancer and I found out that glutathione acts as a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. So I looked for a reliable glutathione and I found the Snow Caps.

SNow Caps

I’ve been taking the Snow Caps L-Glutathione capsule for two weeks now and the first thing I noticed was that I don’t have problems sleeping at night compared when I’m not taking the supplement. There were also times that I woke up feeling exhausted but after a week of taking Snow Caps, I feel healthier and energized throughout the day.

Compared to some people who are taking L-Glutathione to get whiter skin, I’m after the health benefits I can get from it. I learned that Glutathione also gives greater strength and endurance, less muscle pain and fatigue – perfect for those who are physically active. 

SNow Caps

Inside every Snow Caps capsule contains just the right formulation of L-glutathione with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C, which all help to promote whiter skin. However, if you want to make sure you’ll get a whiter skin, you should take Vitamin C two to three times more than the dose of L-Glutathione to keep L-Glutathione in its absorbable or reduced form.

The effect of taking L-Glutathione depends on the metabolism, weight and skin color so make sure to consult your doctor to know the right combination of vitamins and proper dosage for your body to absorb the components well.

SNow Caps

Glutathione was also labelled as the mother of all antioxidant because it is the most important molecule you need to stay healthy. Glutathione is naturally produced by our liver and it is commonly found in food such as tomatoes, oranges, broccoli, spinach and meat. However, poor diet, stress, trauma and pollution deplete your glutathione. Furthermore, as you age, the glutathione levels drop, which is why it is better to eat glutathione-boosting food or you can also take glutathione supplements. 

Even if you do not primarily desire to have whiter skin, you can benefit a lot from Glutathione especially in this fast-paced modern lifestyle – this is why you need SnowCaps to combat the effects of stress and time. Glutathione builds nutrient reserves in the body. It also keeps the balance and detoxifies your body. Plus, it helps keep sickness at bay and prevent the effects of aging.

Snow Soap

Aside from Snow Caps, I also discovered Snow Skin Whitening Soap, which is also good in fighting against acnes and pimples. It contains ACE-B3, an anti-oxidant complex, which is a combination of Aloe Vera Extract (skin moisturizing and protection), Vitamin C (helps protect against photo-damage), Vitamin E (free radical defense) and Niacinamide B3 (skin clarifying and lightening). It also has GIGAWHITE, an optimal skin penetrating formulation which contains seven plants extract from the Swiss Alps that promotes skin lightening with anti-age spot activity, not only reduces the color but also the size of age spots.

Since my brother is suffering from teenage acne problems, I asked him to try the Snow Skin Whitening Soap. He started using it last week and so far the result was good. I’ll update this blog post after a month for the result.

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