A day of good vibes and break from our backlogs was how my buddies and I filled up our whole day with Chevrolet Spark. Some of the great facts about this car are its spacious interior and smooth drive, which made it perfect for barkada getaways –less hassle, more fun! Also, this car is the perfect match of those who just started driving because of its friendly car controls and driving convenience. Check out the photo bomber. lol

Joseph Cham 6

What I’m wearing: Fledge Clothing shirt | Petrol jeans | Skechers shoes | SM Accessories clutch bag | Tommy Hilfiger watch | Midwest bamboo sunnies

Joseph Cham 2

What I’m looking for a car isn’t just the performance, but something that also matches my personality like Chevrolet Spark. It has styling and features that aren’t thrown to the wayside, which are parallel to my fashion character. How? Spark’s appearance has another way of showing and combining two physical charms: smartness and simplicity. As a result, a complete head turner car is ready to take for a spin!

Joseph Cham 5

If only this car exists when I was in college, I probably get one because of the fact that this car is fuel efficient with its 4-cylinder S-Tec engine technology, which delivers superb power with utmost fuel efficiency. If you’re not a heavy foot and you only drive smoothly, fuel consumption can achieve up to 19km/L.

Joseph Cham 4

Neutral colors are the best friends of most guys. The flexibility of these colors isn’t questionable because of their capability to match with different colors, or sometimes even with styles. Just like this button down shirt from Fledge Clothing. Thinking of how to wear it on different weather seasons and events, just like during summer? The styling is easy-breezy! Wear it unbutton with printed or basic inner tank top matched with shorts and flip-flops. Rainy season? Pair it with your leather or varsity jacket, jeans and a pair of sneaks or lunar grand. On the go? Then don’t hesitate to match it with your Flyknit or Roshe kicks. No need to complicate things because button down shirts can adjust itself to your personal style, especially if making it part of your everyday campus ensemble is what you’re thinking about.

Joseph Cham 1

Chevrolet 4

Real friends are hard to find and I’m glad to have found mine!

Photos by Trice Nagusara