Lately, I discovered this awesome feature on my Blackberry Z10 –so I wanted to share this with my readers who also have Blackberry 10 smartphones. I found out that Blackberry Messenger is not only for chatting but also has a Screen Share function where I can show what’s on my screen, to whomever I’m video chatting with!


This is very useful in so many ways: as a fashion blogger and a stylist, I have clients who are also using a Blackberry 10 smartphone, this makes it easier for me to present remotely just by using the Screen Share. I can show clients photos of my picks for them, and even surf the internet, while video chatting and show them websites I’m looking at. Also, I can take photos and share them through Screen Share while talking to my client. Amazing!

You can access the Screen Share function through BBM Video. Here’s a walkthrough for those who don’t know how to use BBM video and Screen Sharing function:

Here is the step by step to use the BBM Video:

1. Unlock your screen by swiping up from the base. Make sure your BB Z10 is connected to the Internet.

2. Tap the BBM logo from home screen to open BBM app.

3. Tap on the contact you want to chat with.

4. A small green camera icon appears next to his/her name if it is available for Video Chat or Screen Share.

5. Tap the green icon and then choose BBM Video.

6. When both of them are connected, you will see and hear your chat partner.

Here is how to use screen share with BBM Video:

1. When you’re connected to the BBM Video Chat, there is a Screen Share icon at the bottom of the display. Tap on it to share your screen.

2. Your chat partner can also navigate around your handset to see what’s on your screen. If you’re familiar with Team Viewer on a computer, BBM Screen Share is pretty much the same.

3. If you need to end Screen Share feature, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the green icon. Then tap the red phone icon to end everything with BBM.

Of course when you’re on the go, you need a  reliable Internet connection for a crisp, clear, and lag-free screen sharing experience. This is made even better with Globe’s Powersurf 499 because of its fast and reliable Internet connection. PowerSurf is also a great data plan because it’s consumable, meaning its megabytes measure the activity I do, not the time I spend online. To learn more dial *143# from your phone.