If there was one person who never failed to become my mentor and adviser ever since I was a kid, it was my dad. They say a dad is someone who lets you fall but picks you up and lets you try again; they say a dad is someone who cares but lets you feel the pain to teach you to become strong and to be a fighter; and they say a dad is someone who may not always by your side, but always there in your heart, guiding you all through the right path. Those were the things that I always hear about dads, which on the other hand proved by my own father as he became part of my life since I was born. But two years ago, he passed away because of cancer. A year of pain and suffering from liver cancer was what I witnessed before we said our goodbyes. Yes it was hard and painful, but part of me chose to be happy because finally, he is at peace.

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What I’m wearing: Freego shirt | Marithé + François Girbaud Jeans | Marithé + François Girbaud bag | Cardam’s shoes | Zoo York watch

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Since that day, I learned to be on my own: doing and deciding things for myself and for my future. But as days passed by, I realized that I am not actually alone and getting the right decision was something guided by my father. Because even though he is not here physically, I could still feel his guidance and support especially in making big decisions.

I miss everything about my dad: I miss bringing him to his favorite store to buy him gifts; I miss seeing his smile when I bought some simple things for him; and I miss his sermons just to make me realize the mistakes I committed. Everything about him was priceless! If I could only bring back those days, I’ll spend more time with my old man.

And because father’s day is just a week away, here are some father’s day gift ideas to make your dad/husband/uncle/friend’s day more special!

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Trying to pull-off my dad’s style while adding a touch of red, which is his favorite color.

My dad loved wearing polo shirts because it’s comfortable, which is actually what every dad wants for each shirt they buy. So look for a slim fit yet breathable top like this Freego polo shirt.

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You can never go wrong with watches as a gift for men. Just make sure you know what style and brand he wants. If you’re not sure, check his watch collection and get something similar to it.

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Bags are essential for men. If he always carries his laptop and you know he has files that he always brings around, look for a laptop bag that has many compartments like this bag from Marithé + François Girbaud.

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This sleek, leather wallet from Marithé + François Girbaud will help dad stay organized!

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Most dads don’t like wearing skinny jeans and opted for a straight/loose fit. Marithé + François Girbaud have stylish and perfectly fit jeans that dads will surely love.

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Cardam’s shoes have a wide selection of stylish shoes from casual to dress shoes. If you’re not sure what to get, try bringing him to the store to make sure he’ll get what style he wants and to make sure it will fit perfectly. Cardam’s have an ongoing contest for everyone! Click here for details.

Photos by Trice Nagusara