When I graduated from high school, choosing the course to take was the biggest decision I had to make. My parents were pushing me to take Engineering since my uncles are Engineers and they are successful in that field. However, even though I’m good at Math, I wanted to take business or computer related course, unfortunately, I had to obey my parents because of the educational plan they got for me.

Right now, since I’m in charge of my career path, I have to be careful with my decisions and I have to make sure that I’m going to be successful in it. Since I’m into computer and fashion, I combined these two in building my dream to have my own business, which also lead me to blogging industry. Even though I have so many experiences in both fields, my experiences aren’t enough and I still have to learn more.

When I found out about iAcademy, I was amazed that they are offering everything I want! They are known for their niche courses in the field of Computing, Business, and Design. It’s like a school that is custom-built for me. iAcademy’s courses are very specific to the learning needs of its students, with the goal of producing globally competitive graduates and professionals.

iAcademy students

iAcademy provides their students with real world experience – something that a lot of colleges shelter their students from. Beginning with its location, iAcademy is located in Makati, giving students a glimpse into what awaits them after graduation. So if you’re used to going to Makati, working there won’t be a problem.

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iACADEMY’s partnerships with prestigious global institutions serve only to give their students the best possible exposure to their chosen craft. For business, the school has an existing partnership with DePaul University in Chicago, recognized for excellence in experiential and service-based learning. In fashion, they have an existing partnership with Polimoda Fashion Institute, known as one of the top European fashion and marketing schools. And for Design, they have as their Creative Director, Dane Romley, who was the character artists in the longest running animated show, The Simpsons. 

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The school’s extensive network of partners also gives students the perfect platform to immerse themselves in their chosen fields, keeping themselves updated in the fast-paced world of technology, design and business. This also translates to opportunities for job placement in the student’s preferred industry, where their education and training already gives them an advantage by virtue of their understanding of the demands of their chosen fields.

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One of the biggest regrets I had when I was in college were being afraid to decide on my own and being weak in choosing my own destiny – I was afraid to stand up and tell my parents what I really wanted to become. So, I ended up wasting so much time back then.

Whenever I have talks to different schools, I always tell the students to make the right decision and don’t be afraid to fight for it; because I don’t want them to experience what others and I have been through. Statistically, 1 in 3 students currently enrolled will seek to transfer school. So if you think your current school doesn’t provide your needs, which will be a big problem in the future, why stay when you can transfer to a school that is tailored fit to your needs?

In any case, schools like iACADEMY have made an effort to make it easier for transferees to explore educational options available to them by simplifying the process. For instance, one of the biggest questions that students and parents of students interested in transferring have is whether their current accumulated college units will be credited by their new school. Another concern is that despite knowing that their current college is not a great fit for them, they don’t really know what the next steps are.

iACADEMY understands that transferees are a source of quality and diverse students, which is why they try to provide rational and easier transfer policies. Interested applicants can start by following this simple 3-step process:

  1. Get a copy of your current college transcript and download the iACADEMY transferee application form from the website.
  2. Fill out the form and bring it when you visit the campus.
  3. Upon submission of the application form, iACADEMY’s admissions counselors will provide you with the following information:
  • Which of your current subjects and units will be credited to iACADEMY after transfer.
  • Schedule for guidance counseling regarding your academic future with our team.
  • Detailed next steps on what you can do to move forward with the process of transferring.

For more information, you can visit iacademy.edu.ph, call (02) 889-7777, like Facebook.com/iACADEMY or send an email to inquiry@iacademy.edu.ph. You can also drop by the iAcademy campus at 324 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Bel Air, Makati.