When it comes to gadgets, I’m like Gollum of Lord Of The Rings ‘cause for some reason, I treat them as my priceless possession, or should I say, “My precious”. LOL! I even cried when one of my gadgets broke down–don’t judge! But how ’bout you? How important is your mobile device?

Nowadays, some, if not most, people get serious anxiety attacks when they leave their smartphones at home, let alone lose or break them. Mobile phones are now considered big investments, ranging from P15,000.00 for the mid-end devices all the way to a whopping P50,000.00 for the high-end ones with the latest cameras boasting of the highest megapixels.

In partnership with global insurance provider Ace Insurance, Globe launched the first-ever mobile phone protection program in the country, Globe Gadget Care. The revolutionary product is offered exclusively to Globe postpaid subscribers.

And as an early Christmas gift for subscribers for a wonderful and hassle-free experience, Globe Postpaid is extending a free one-month subscription to all new and re-contracting customers availing of a new handset to allow them to experience Globe Gadget Care.

For as low as P89 per month, subscribers can continue enjoying the benefits of the comprehensive coverage after the free 1-month coverage, which can protect devices against accidental damage, theft or robbery, and outstanding postpaid bill balance.  The mobile protection program also guarantees hassle-free handset replacement, easy claims processing, and worldwide protection coverage for all subscribers.

To know more about Globe Gadget Care, call the Globe Gadget Care hotline (02)7565400 or toll-free 1-800-8-7565400, or visit or any Globe Store nationwide.