It’s been almost a month since I started using ISKIN New York Transformation kit from Flawless, and I can say that its effects can already be seen just by the second week of using it. Fairer and smoother facial skin with natural glow is one of the huge improvements that I’ve noticed on my skin –which is also seen by my family and friends, who even told me that I look more blooming and younger.


However, before the huge development of my skin, my first week of using ISKIN New York gave me a lot of skin breakouts and pains caused by the skin’s peeling and dryness –which felt like my skin is made of plastic since my skin is starting to peel. Because of this, I immediately consulted my Flawless’ doctor who said that what I’m experiencing are normal and part of the product’s effects. But since my tolerance for pain on my facial skin is very low –which is also what stopping me from having a facial treatment every month –I asked her for the things that I have to do to minimize my skin’s reaction when using ISKIN: she advised me to use the Renew+Cellular repair every other night instead of using it every night, in order to lessen the peeling and smarting of the skin. Since then, I never experienced any problems using ISKIN. That’s why it’s important to consult the doctor when using ISKIN New York because its effect and the skin’s reaction are depend on the type of the skin. Good thing, Flawless also provides free consultation to their doctors when you purchased ISKIN or even their other products.

On the other hand, by the second week, my skin breakouts are already minimal and since most parts of my facial skin had peeled already, the “plastic” feeling and pain were lessened. Also, during this week, I had a pimple on my nose –which I failed to take a photo –but because of ISKIN treatments, it washed off my pimple immediately and brought back the smoothness of my skin.


This photo was taken on the Day 22 of using ISKIN New York transformation kit –it was taken first thing in the morning without washing my face first LOL! –I observed that the spots and lines on my face were lessened, which made me look younger.

Watch out for more updates regarding my skin’s improvement using Flawless’ ISKIN New York transformation kit here on my blog!

For more information about ISKIN visit a Flawless Clinic near you or visit their website