I admit that I’m too lazy to wash my face every day/night and I’d rather visit a facial clinic once a month. But of course, it isn’t enough to take care of my skin especially if I went out for errands. I tried using different facial products but I usually use it for just 3-5 times then I’ll go back to being lazy again. Two weeks ago, I discovered a facial product that I enjoy using and also helps me to look fresh everyday – Pond’s Men.

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Pond’s Men new line of products was launched early this year, helping Filipino men with their tired and dull, haggard skin. When I started using Pond’s Men, I got compliments that I became blooming and young looking despite of being 30 years old.

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When I visited Watson’s Megamall, I found out that a purchase of Pond’s Men products worth 400php grants a free skin analysis by Pond’s Men’s In-Store Face Scanner App – It’s like consulting to a doctor!

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So I found out that I have a dry skin. A prescription of a Pond’s Men variant that best suits your skin will be given along with the results of your skin analysis. They recommended me to get the Pond’s Men Energy Charge Whitening Foam and Energy Charge Gel Moisturizer.

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As part of the Pond’s Men #FACEVALUE campaign, they also gave me a FREE Pond’s Men Face Value Card powered by Enjoy granting discounts and access to over 300 of the best and finest establishments in the metro – including clubs such as Republiq and Prive, restaurants such as Aracama, Rue Bourbon, clothing brands like Regatta and Memo and shoe brand Skechers, among others.

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For young urban men who have concerns about oily skin and pimples, the new Pond’s Men Acne Clear Oil Control Face Wash is perfect for them. It helps instantly absorb oil for 12 hours making their skin look clear and fresh.

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The Pond’s Men Energy Charge Facial Foam and Pond’s Men Energy Charge Gel Moisturizer have a light formula that brightens and energizes skin while it gives a healthy look. Also, both have coffee bean extracts known to energize dull tired-looking skin, which also fights UV ray damage, enhances blood circulation, boosts collagen and smoothens skin.

I feel Energized every time I use Pond’s Men Energy Charge Facial Foam because of the cooling effect that it leaves on my face, which I think is the reason why I enjoy washing my face everyday.

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Be part of Pond’s Men’s #FACEVALUE campaign and never experience dull moments in life ever again. Just buy Pond’s Men to get benefits of over 300 establishments with the Pond’s Men Face Value Card, powered by Enjoy.

Visit Watson’s stores near you or log on to www.pondsmen.ph to experience Face Value perks and privileges and to find out more about the Pond’s Men Face Value Card.