Whenever I’m blogging at home, I always listen to my favorite songs on Spotify for inspiration. I like listening to music when I find myself losing focus that is why I always choose good quality speakers.

Braven 570 1

Last week, I got myself a Braven 570 for 3,950php. Measuring 6.25 x 2.5 x 1.75 inches, this small and light speaker can rock your music and movies in high fidelity audio.

Braven 570 4

The package includes: Owner’s Guide, 3.5mm audio cable, USB to MicroUSB cable, Braven 570 Bluetooth Speaker.

Braven 570 3

The Braven 570 produces the same quality as my Braven 440, but what I like about the 570 is that it’s more convenient to bring anywhere because of the thinner design. The plastic covering made it lighter compared to the metal or hard rubber that most portable speakers used to protect the drivers.

Braven 570 2

The front and back look the same but only the front part of the speaker produces the sound.

Braven 570 5

Buttons and ports are located on the sides of the speaker: on the right side, you’ll find the power switch; microUSB port to charge the battery; 3.5mm IN port for wired connection to a computer, mobile device or other audio devices; and a button to answer/end call and volume controls. There is also a light indicator between the call button and power switch, which blinks to indicate when it’s connected to a Bluetooth source. The volume control may also be used to change a track, just hold down the volume-up (+) to skip back or the volume-down (-) to skip ahead.

To pair with the Braven 570 for the first time, hold down the call button for three seconds or until you hear a tone.

Braven 570 6

On the left side, you’ll find the battery status button and light: white light for 50% or more while blue light means 10% to 50% and red means less than 10%. In case you’re busy listening to your favorite tracks, the speaker will also beep when the battery is less than 10 percent.

The 570 is powered with a 1200mAh battery that can play for 10 hours straight on a full charge.

There is also a 3.5mm OUT port to connect two speakers – which means I can use both my Braven 440 and 570 at the same time! AWESOME!

One of the best features of Braven 570 is that you can also charge your smartphone in case of emergency. If the 570 has a full battery, you can charge your iPhone up to 40-50%.

Braven 570 7

If you’re connected to Braven 570 using your smartphone and someone calls you, just press the phone button at the right side of the speaker and it will serve as a speakerphone.

Braven 570 has 6W of audio per channel, which is best at delivering midrange tones but falls short in bass response.

I chose a white Braven 570 because it’s perfect with its minimalist design. It is also available in green, purple, blue and black.

This Braven 570 is a perfect gift for your loved ones who loves music!

The Braven 570 is available in Astroplus, Astrovision, BCG Computers, Beyond the Box, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, District 32, iBook, iCenter, iGig, iStore, iStudio, Microstation, Mobile 1, Odyssey, Quicksound, ROX, SM Appliance, SM Music & Video, Stoked Inc, Switch, Technoholics, and The Inbox Store.