Summer went by too fast that I didn’t get a chance to do beach hopping –maybe, it is also because of the events and responsibilities that I have to finish before going on vacation. Also, I noticed that these past days, time seems to be going quicker that there are times when I’m having difficulties to fit all of my duties in one day, which I always fail to do because of the different circumstances like heavy traffic! I wish summer lasts longer for more time for myself and for some good times with my friends and relatives, and of course with Trice as well! Oh well, at least I got a chance to have a best staycation last May with Trice at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel ­–here’s my previous blog post about the hotel three months ago, if you want to know more about them.

Joseph Cham 2

What I’m wearing: Mint tanktop | Straightforward shorts | Banana Peel flip-flops | SM Accessories sunnies &bracelet | BlackBite Apparel snapback

Joseph Cham 1

Joseph Cham Mint

Tank top from Mint

Joseph Cham Shorts Straightforward

Bracelets from SM Accessories and shorts from Straightforward

Joseph Cham Sunnies SM Accessories

Sunnies from SM Accessories

Joseph Cham Snapback

Tropical print snapback from BlackBite Apparel

Joseph Cham Banana Peel

Flip-flops from Banana Peel

Photos by Trice Nagusara

Best Western Plus  Seph Cham 3

We got a room at their A.Venue Suites. It has two rooms: master & regular bedroom

Best Western Plus  Seph Cham 5

Best Western Plus  Seph Cham 2

Best Western Plus  Seph Cham 6

Best Western Plus  Seph Cham 7

The master bedroom has a huge window just near the bed, which contributes to the relaxing aura of the room especially during evening.

Best Western Plus  Seph Cham 9

BWP Seph Cham 1

As usual, before we enjoyed our staycation, we had to finish our work. #bloggerduties

BWP Seph Cham 7

Took some #selfies before we dipped in the pool!

BWP Seph Cham 2

Great memories should be kept and remembered, that’s why we brought our Instax mini!

BWP Seph Cham 8

BWP Seph Cham 4

This is one of the highlights of our staycation! I taught Trice how to float and it took her only 30 minutes to learn it!

BWP Seph Cham 3

See how happy she was?

BWP Seph Cham 5

Here is the view when you look up from the pool. This is one of the reasons why floating around the pool was very relaxing. Another good thing about it is that my eyes and skin were not exposed from the sun because of the shade of the buildings.

BWP Seph Cham 9

Another Instaxed moments at the pool! This was also the time when I discovered that the Instax films are waterproof! Awesome right?

After a long day, we had our dinner at Azzurro Bar & Bistro. They served Mediterranean, Spanish and local menu:

Azzurro Seph Cham 4

Paella Valenciana

Azzurro Seph Cham 3

4 Cheese Pizza

Azzurro Seph Cham 2

Seafood Pizza

Azzurro Seph Cham 1

Shrimp Gambas

Azzurro Seph Cham 5

Beef Salpicao

Fresh Healthy Cafe  Seph Cham 1

I also had my favorite drink from Fresh Healthy Cafe located at the second floor of Antel Spa tower. Chunky Monkey is made from Peanut Butter and Soya Milk.

SM Market Place Seph Cham

We got some goodies from SM The Marketplace, located on the ground floor of A.Venue Mall. We spent our night watching movies that we slept around 4 o’clock in the morning!

We got to hang out with Jeoff as well. He is the PR & Marketing Manager of Best Western Plus Antel Hotel and a blogger at

The hotel also offers buffet breakfast from 6am till 10am at Azzurro Bar & Bistro and Granvia Cafe. Unfortunately, Trice and I missed our breakfast and had our brunch at Granvia Cafe instead. Here’s what we ordered:

Granvia Seph Cham 3

Granvia Cafe Seph Cham 2

Granvia Cafe Seph Cham 1

Since we have events in the afternoon, we opted for a light meal.

BWP Seph Cham 11

After we checked out, we headed to Glorietta for the Make Your Own Havaianas event. Good thing, the hotel is providing shuttle services for their customers who are going to airport, Glorietta and Greenbelt. (For arrangements, just approach their front office. There’s a reasonable charge for it, but sometimes they already include it in their promos)

BWP Seph Cham 10

After the event, we went back to the hotel to get my car (because I was on coding that day). And since we haven’t had our dinner yet, we had a gastronomic adventure at BAGA Manila, located at the A. Venue Mall’s open parking space. Operations are from 5pm until 1am from Tuesdays until Saturdays.

BAGA Seph Cham 15

Experiencing the street foods in the Philippines is very fun and cheap —you just have to make sure if the foods are clean and safe. Unike here at Baga Manila, everything is guaranteed clean and safe! The price of the foods is very affordable without compromising the quality.

BAGA Seph Cham 1

There are also food trucks.

BAGA Seph Cham 2

Authentic Cebu Lechon!

BAGA Seph Cham 3

Isaw ng Baboy (pork intestine), Chicken Isaw (chicken intestine), Tenga ng Baboy (crispy pork ear), Betamax (dried chicken or pork blood), Adidas (chicken feet), Balun-balunan (chicken gizzard), Atay ng Manok (chicken liver), etc. You name it; they got it!

BAGA Seph Cham 4


BAGA Seph Cham 5

BAGA Seph Cham 6

Kwek-kwek (quail boiled eggs), Tokneneng (chicken or duck boiled eggs), Calamares (breaded fried squid), Crispy Hipon (breaded fried shrimp), Crispy Crablet, etc.

BAGA Seph Cham 7


BAGA Seph Cham 8

BAGA Seph Cham 9


BAGA Seph Cham 10

Authentic Ilocos Empanada

BAGA Seph Cham 12

The juices are so good!

BAGA Seph Cham 13

Trice and I wanted to try all the foods so we ordered all of these! They were all good!

BAGA Seph Cham 14

Fete de la Musique2014 was also celebrated at the A. Venue Mall open parking space. Too bad I missed it due to my busy schedule.

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