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It’s been weeks since I celebrated my birthday at SF Bistro with my friends and some of my readers. I don’t usually celebrate my birthday because I’d rather spend my day at home and watch movies. Boring right? Well, this year, I wanted to try something different, something that I will remember forever.

In case some of you are wondering, I’m 30 years old. I’m a late bloomer and I wasted most of my youth doing nonsense. I spent two years of my life playing online games and wasted so much money, enough to buy a second hand car, on game cards. I should’ve spent those years building my career and myself to be better, but these experiences are what actually motivate me to be better today.

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If you think you’re getting old and haven’t accomplished anything in life, just take things at your own pace, and find what works for you. There’s nothing wrong with taking it easy. It is better to be happy of what you’re doing rather than pressuring yourself then regret it for a lifetime. In my case, blogging had helped me a lot especially in building my dreams.

Remember this, sometimes while late bloomers are shining, others are fading.

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Snapback from Neff

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Backpack from Neff

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Pants from Forever 21 and sneakers from Adidas

Photos by Trice Nagusara

Here’s the photos during my birthday blowout with eight of my readers and best buddies at San Francisco Bistro in McKinley.

Seph Birthday Blowout 1

Seph Birthday Blowout 2

My reader friends: Mhaica, Leydi, Shane, Ged, Mhiko, Jason, Enzo and Zymon.

Seph Birthday Blowout 4

The Quad Squad: David, Gerd, Miko and Angel(and baby Syrena). They are like my brothers and sister in the blogging community.

Seph Birthday Blowout 3

My sister Janine, her boyfriend Aaron and my girlfriend Trice.

Seph Birthday Blowout 6

Seph Birthday Blowout 5

I wasn’t able to take photos of the other food we ordered because I was busy chatting with everyone, except Beef Nachos! They are really good and already good for 2-3 persons, but I prefer the Nachos Sisig.

Seph Birthday Blowout 9

This Ginger Detox drink is so refreshing and it tastes like a lemonade.

Seph Birthday Blowout 7

Did you know that this ritual, taking photo/instagramming your food, may actually make the taste better? Taking photos of your food makes you more mindful of what you’re going to eat, which in turn improves the taste of the food.

Seph Birthday Blowout 8

Seph Birthday Blowout 10

Seph Birthday Blowout 11

After eating and before we took off to Rue Bourbon Tagaytay for a drinking session with my buddies, we took some groufie shots.

Seph Birthday Blowout 13

Angel was the one who helped me with my birthday blowout. Thanks, Angel! 🙂

Seph Birthday Blowout 14

Of course, my special day wouldn’t be special without my girl! <3

Seph Birthday Blowout 16

David, Miko and Gerd

Seph Birthday Blowout 17

This group photo is very rare because we were always incomplete every time we had a get together and that was why I felt so special that day, because they managed to spend time with me even though these guys are very busy.

After San Francisco Bistro, we headed to Rue Bourbon Tagaytay for drinking session. It was a #YOLO moment so I drank too much alcohol even though I am allergic to it.

Rue Bourbon 3

Rue Bourbon 7

Rue Bourbon 6

Rue Bourbon 19

Me, Miko and David went outside to breathe some fresh air, then this happened. In case you are wondering where my other shoe went, I used it as a pillow. LOL

Rue Bourbon 20

Even Trice was having her #YOLO moment that time.

These guys are the reason why I don’t feel like I’m 30. It’s actually great to be friends with someone who is way younger or older than you because you can get lessons from them.

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Mark Twain